What | Who | How | Why_Perfectly printed or milled? I think I can – Part 1

Do you remember the tale of Goldilocks and her thoughts on the porridge presented? She had a choice of three bowls found one that was just right, so the fairytale goes. The same analogy can be applied in dentistry and in this article, we’ll look at two choices available and maybe come up with a third that is just right. Most of the time, milling or printing predictably, consistently, efficiently and accurately is more important than “using less material and associated labour costs”.
In part one of the two part article, I will discuss some of the pros and cons with 3D printing. As an example, I might prefer printing without supports. Do you use multiple supports, especially if there is a tricky or complicated part such as a model base for a denture (think V-palate), surgical guide or a complicated geometric shape such as RPD or Orthodontic appliance?
DDC_What_Who_How and Why_Perfectly printed or milled_I think I can_Part 1_October 2018

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