… You Are A Manufacturing Centre

… Knowledge Transfer

31 years of Practical Dental Knowledge; 23+ years of CAD/CAM experience to help maximise the benefit from your given technology.

Dental Applications - Develop Clinical and Technical Integrated Workflow solutions for your customers.

… Forward Thinking

What is NEW? What is your challenge? DDC develops a multi-disciplined approach to new technologies for you and your client base that are best suited to your needs and budget.

Conversations never hurt and often fantastic results occur when we put our heads together and collaborate!

… Digital Education

Helping you get the most from your digital technology solutions with your customers at front of mind. From simple to advanced tips, techniques and integrated workflow solutions.

Integrated Digital training modules related to your digital technology solutions for your customers.

… Protocol Training

Tailored training modules cater for staff and clients. Clinical, Technical, Product and Integration Workflows developed within the Milling Centre environment to maximise the benefits. From novice to experienced users ensuring the best possible return on your training investment.

Materials and Techniques – Clinical, Technical, Product and Integrated Workflow solutions.

… Sales and Marketing

Strategic Planning to help determine the right approach to maximise the benefit for the Milling Centre. Market Overview of CAD/CAM solutions available. Closed, Open, Hybrid Systems, Scan only solutions, 3D printing and 4 or 5 axis Milling solutions.

Developing effective sales and marketing modules and support for your team.

… Local Support

Providing a local and additional solution for users of your technology. DDC can integrate into your team and business, quickly providing you with an experienced team member and providing a fresh perspective.

Local support for users of your Technology and materials.

... All Ceramic - CAD/CAM Manager Ivoclar Vivadent

I developed a tailored materials and marketing strategy for authorised Manufacturing Partners of Ivoclar Vivadent, to drive their Manufacturing Centre sales and increase Brand awareness within the market through 3rd party sources.

Conversations never hurt and often fantastic results occur when we put our heads together and collaborate!


Geoff Staples