About Us

Vision -
Understanding the modern practice pressures and how integrating digital technology into daily practice can be simplified and predictable through integrated workflow solutions. Not all dental professionals are digital savvy. Sometimes you just need a helping hand to understand the basics in order to decide on the best possible digital infrastructure, one that is the most relevant to your business and will allow for a quick set up to get you started with your new digital and CAD/CAM services.

Mission -
Committed to the success and growth of clients, operating on the understanding that our relationship with our clients will be mutually beneficial and enduring. Knowledge Transfer, Forward Thinking and Communicating the importance of systems solutions, technology, materials and techniques.

Technology can be incorporated into different environments and by acting as the conduit, contributing knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to dedicated, like-minded clients. Our aim is your success.

Company Experience -

Digital Dentistry Consultancy (DDC) has extensive Sales, Marketing, Hands on and Strategic experience covering many aspects of dentistry over a 30 year period. Having built strong industry and professional relationships, both domestic and international, DDC collaborates with the dental professional in a growing and evolving environment.

DDC has the knowledge and experience in the use of current digital technologies such as CAD/CAM (since 1994) to integrate workflows and the methods of learning that are being used by current generations within the changing landscape of digital technology related to dental applications.  

Company Value

A strong belief in personal values, ethics and integrity based around honesty, fairness, respect, commitment and family values that lead to quality outcomes.

Geoff Staples