… You Are An Educational Institution

… Knowledge Transfer

31 years of Practical Dental Knowledge; 23+ years of CAD/CAM experience to help maximise the benefit from your given technology. Provide key links to research and development projects within the University environment whilst maintaining the integrity of its dentistry business.

Dental Applications - Clinical and Technical Integrated Workflow solutions.

… Forward Thinking

What is NEW? What is your challenge? DDC uses a multi-disciplined approach to new technologies and develop solutions whilst maintaining Institutional integrity. Newer teaching methods such as flipped classrooms where the student can utilise technology prior to practical classroom learning or distributed learning that allows multi-media methods of instructional learning, web based, streaming video conferencing and face to face classroom time.

Conversations never hurt and often fantastic results occur when we put our heads together and collaborate!

… Digital Education

Helping you get the most from your Facility, Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate students with the Technology you already have. Integrated digital training modules related to digital technology.

Implementation and Integration of new digital workflow modules with CAD/CAM technology within the Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate programmes.

… Protocol Training

Tailored training modules cater for the Tutors, Post-Graduate, Under-Graduate and Auxiliary staff. Clinical, Technical, Product and Integration Workflows developed within the Institution environment to maximise the benefits. From novice to experienced users ensuring the best possible return on your training investment.

Materials and Techniques – Clinical, Technical, Product and Integrated Workflow modules. Hands on workshops and lectures.

… CAD/CAM Due Diligence

Strategic Planning to help determine the right approach to maximise the benefit for the Institution. Market Overview of Digital and CAD/CAM solutions available. Closed, Open systems, Hybrid Systems, Scan only solutions, 3D printing, CBCT, Ultrasound, Milling chairside or laboratory, wet or dry, 4 or 5 axis systems.

Are systems easily integrated into existing or future needs? What IT and application support is available?

… Buyers Advocate / Technical Advisor

DDC is here to provide guidance, understanding and a helping hand to understand the basic questions to ASK, in order to decide the BEST solution for You. Be More Efficient, More Effective and More Profitable, with tips and information to help you answer those questions.

DDC specialises in searching, evaluating and negotiating the best systems solutions based on your requirements and budget.

... Professional Services Manager

Provided key links to research and development projects for Post Graduate students and the University whilst maintaining the integrity of the dentistry business for Ivoclar Vivadent.

I actively sought to build knowledge via CPD programmes and lectures for The University of Queensland, School of Dentistry, The University of Adelaide, School of Dentistry, The University of Western Australia, School of Dentistry.

Conversations never hurt and often fantastic results occur when we put our heads together and collaborate!

Geoff Staples