… Testimonals

… Dr Richard Huebl - Riken Dental

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Geoff for over 20 years. From my initial introduction to Geoff, it was clear that he was a true professional with a great business sense. He helped me to integrate the Cerec CAD/CAM system into my Dental Practice. He has extensive product knowledge and his service is impeccable.

Geoff is an individual that demonstrates a high level of integrity and credibility, which makes him well respected in the dental community. At any time that I had a concern, Geoff was always a great problem solver.  At a later stage, we gave Cerec training courses together. His teaching methods are systematic and tuned to different dentists’ needs.

He understands that various operators to make their practice more efficient, more effective and more profitable can use a Cerec machine differently. Above all, Geoff has enormous passion for Dentistry, for teaching and for simply helping and mentoring people.”

… Dr Jonathon Wagner - Wagner Dental Surgery

“When I first started with Cerec 2 in 2001, I met Geoff Staples. He was very keen and passionate about CAD/CAM and digital applications way back then, and is no less passionate now. He has so much knowledge after being a part of the process right from the outset to the present time.

The gurus come and go but Geoff has been there gleaning the necessary knowledge, tips, techniques etc. that we need to use to make it a successful part of our dentistry. Geoff can tell you How, Why, What and Where but leaves the dentistry to you and me. He usually has the answer to questions but if not, more than able and willing to find the answer for you. I don't know anybody else who has been part of so many CAD/CAM and digital applications.

Loyalty is a wonderful thing and Geoff Staples is always my preferred option because of what he gives back. If you need answers and you can’t quite get them then I recommend that you talk to Geoff.”

… Mr Tim Souter - Alliance Dental Laboratory

“Geoff and I have had an association through Halas, Sirona and Ivoclar Vivadent as friends and colleagues in dentistry. We have worked together in digital dentistry for 22 years and often had discussions on software (from 2D and 3D CAD/CAM) designs and work arounds and the future of CAD/CAM for laboratories.

The two of us often get together to talk about CAD/CAM (what’s over the horizon) and have frank and non-bias discussions about the best options for software and hardware. For a small laboratory it was a big decision to invest in CAD/CAM. So it’s always been appreciated to have someone that understand the industry and especially CAD/CAM.

So if you need independent advice, Geoff is the one to talk to.”