… Clinical Protocol Training

Material Types and Clinical Applications - Training modules cater for the Principal, Associate and Auxiliary. This simplified approach to provide a predictable outcome. Understanding the Material Science and Techniques enhances the predictability of the treatment for an aesthetic result.

Quick, Simple, Predictable Clinical Workflow Solutions.

… Laboratory Protocol Training

Materials and Techniques - A simplified approach to provide a predictable outcome. Mastering the sequence significantly enhances the predictability of the treatment for an aesthetic result.

These training modules cater for the Principal, Associate, Dental Auxiliary, Sales Staff and Dental Students.

… Workflow Integration

Tailored training Workflow and Integration modules cater for the Dental Practice, Corporate Dental Groups, Dental Laboratory, Milling Centres, Dental Supply Companies and Educational Institutions.

Understanding efficient workflows that give you the edge.

… Professional Development Solutions

Tailored Workshops and Lectures for Study Groups, Dental Practices, Dental Laboratory Clients, Corporate Dental Groups, Dental Supply Companies, Milling Centres and CPD programmes.

Don't just Press Next. Understand the Why and Achieve More...

… Digital Protocol Training

Workshops related to CAD/CAM technology from Basic to Advanced Techniques - DDC can adapt its services to achieve minimum impact to your business operations whilst maximise the outcomes.

Do you want more with the technology you already have?

… Local Support / Technical Advisor

Helping you be More Efficient, More Effective and More Profitable in providing a local solution. Providing a local and additional solution for users of your technology. DDC can integrate into your team and business quickly providing you with an experienced team member with a fresh perspective.

DDC ensures you have the best possible return on your training investment with us.

... Workshops, Events, Symposiums and Experiences

The Art of Hiding Art – Understanding Materials and Techniques

The Art of Hiding Art is all about your work not being seen.

Patients are increasingly demanding all-ceramic or metal free restorations which can’t be distinguished from natural teeth. With so many clinical options available to enhance your CAD/CAM dentistry, we need to understand the clinical advantages of each material that will enhance the clinical success of each restoration.

An overview of materials and techniques will help you identify the critical elements and provide a clear understanding of how new opportunities for customised aesthetics is readily available for your dentistry needs.

Conversations never hurt and often fantastic results occur when we put our heads together and collaborate!

Geoff Staples