What | Who | How | Why – Innovate, by trusting your Intuition?

I do enjoy a good coffee or tea, but if we look at the art and science or the pros and cons maybe we should consider a barista achieving their best of the applications for great flavour and consistency. Trusting your intuition comes with your knowledge and experience, thereby allowing you to innovative with your […]

What | Who | How | Why Do I, Don’t I, I Don’t know –

Whether to invest in dental technology now or never can be a perplexing question for many? Do I or don’t I invest in CAD/CAM digital technology that can improve my current workflow now? I’m asked this question many times over including by previous users of technology. Whether to invest at all, in my mind is […]

| What | Who | How | Why – Accuracy with a dose of reality

Dental technology continues to be perched between the worlds of analogue and digital and I make a business out of helping people transition. As part of this process, clinicians and dental technicians closely scrutinise new techniques and workflows against the ways of old. A question that often comes up is whether digital technology has changed […]

What | Who | How | Why – The world evolves, we adapt

Whatever happens in 2018 the world will evolve to a point, then we will have to catch up and adapt. We might prefer it to be that way, we might not. In some ways, the most fascinating part is how do I feel about change and this is reflected by the notion that past observations […]

What | Who | Why | How – Gazing into my crystal ball 2018

Digital and CAD/CAM technology continued to have an impact on practices, labs and ultimately the patient experience throughout 2017. There are a myriad of ways that digital dental technology and the new genre of “digital dentistry” is having a positive effect on the everyday workflow. The update of this technology is unlikely to abate and […]

What | Who | How | Why – What’s cooking in my lunchbox? Make sure your diet is right for Digital Dentistry

Recently I was invited to spend three days with a major institution to provide general research, technical advice and a review of their services to support further integration of digital technology including CAD/CAM across multiple disciplines within that organisation. The institution already had various pieces of digital and CAD/CAM equipment and differing levels of experience […]

What | Who | How | Why – 5 days, 103 meetings, IDS 2017

At IDS 2017 the potential of the digital workflow, integrated solutions and manufacturing processes was everywhere to see. IDS offered an opportunity to speak to the product developers about their direction and potential investment strategy into the future. Certainly a number of distributors will complement their launch of IDS 2017 at the upcoming ADC ’17 […]