What | Who | How | Why CAD/CAM Dentistry – Perceptions and Misconceptions – Considerations in choosing your solution?

Download the full article Leadership in CAD/CAM and digital technology In the past, we relied on Academic protocols as the fall back with regards to clinical or technical solutions provided by manufacturing and supply companies.  There is normally a passing of the baton within Speciality groups such as Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Periodontist, Orthodontist, Dental Prosthetist, Dental […]

APS-National lecture tour 2016 with Dr Urs Brodbeck: Modern concepts in Prosthodontic and aesthetic dentistry.

Australian Prosthodontic Society – SA lecture day with Dr Urs Brodbeck. A great meeting put on by the APSSA yesterday (19/10/2016). Brodie certainly pushes what is possible but backs up with longitudinal studies and clinical experience. His knowledge is only gained by experience. If your in Perth he will be lecturing there tomorrow. https://www.prosthodontics.com.au/node/170 cheers […]

What | Who | How | Why – Preparation Technique Encompassing Milling or Grinding Strategies – What are the Consequences and Limitations?

As a Dental Professional you already have detailed knowledge about the types of dental materials available today and their properties and clinical preparation procedures to be followed when using them. Today, different types of dental materials are available for the CAD/CAM technique and there can be fundamental differences between the new and the traditional manufacturing […]

Digital Dentistry Consultancy (DDC) today announced its first strategic and support collaboration with Dr Mark’s HyGenie® Pty Ltd.

Digital Dentistry Consultancy (DDC) today announced its first strategic and support collaboration with Dr Mark’s HyGenie® Pty Ltd. DDC is tasked to promote the development and launch of this home grown Australian start-up and its patented breakthrough range of hygiene products for ‘cleaning, storing and protecting’ all manner of removable oral appliances. Geoff Staples, DDC […]

Oromax Study Group night and DDC

Thanks to Dr Bruce W Robinson from the Oromax Clinic and Oromax Day Surgery in Hutt Street, Adelaide, his great team, Dr Mark Earl from the Dental Practice on king william, Adelaide, and participants for inviting me to present at last night’s study group meeting. The evening encompassed communicating the importance of sound clinical solutions, […]

A few thoughts on the changing nature of Digital Technology and its Genesis?

Digital dentistry has been with us since dentistry was recognised when Dr John M. Harris commenced the world’s first dental school in Bainbridge, Ohio, and helped establish dentistry as the health profession we know today. It opened on 21 February 1828, and today is a dental museum1. Though dentistry was happening long before that date. In dentistry […]

The World of Ceramics by Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent, established an interactive website with solutions and updates to enhance the everyday workflow. There are some great tips and techniques for the Clinician or Technician related to the All-Ceramic workflow, whether that be for CAD/CAM or All-Ceramics. The website is a quick reference guide as to what is happening in our evolving field […]

The Dental Insiders

The Dental Insiders, hosted by Matthew Petchel and Michael Dunn, is an interview series for dentists, dental team members and industry professionals. They share stories and lessons from clinicians and industry visionaries with the goal of providing an entertaining and informative look at the industry we share. https://jmichaeldunn.com/the-dental-insiders-podcast/